The Practice

Why yoga?

Hot Yoga Studio Virginia Beach is Hampton Roads’ very first hot yoga studio with certified, experienced instructors that teach students body alignment, relaxation, and breath control. While the classes offered provide a physical workout, centering the mind and balancing the emotions are just as important and typically occur as a result of a regular practice. Each person is encouraged to practice their yoga; working at their personal pace and within their limits.

Everyone can benefit from yoga. There’s no need to be in any special condition to begin. All of the programs offered at Hot Yoga Studio are presented with precise, success-oriented methods of instruction that assure the highest quality experience.  Our students evolve, finding the strength within and without. 

What to expect

... to become a better version of you;  more peace and less stress, sleep better, think better, breathe better, move better, feel better, BE better!


Hot/Warm Yoga

 Traditionally, a series of 26 to 30 postures practiced in a heated environment in order to warm muscles, soothe joints, and detoxify through the process of sweating and learning to breath correctly. Wonderful for athletes and beginners. We work top-to-bottom, front-to-back, and side-to-side but we always start with breathing!  This is a great class to learn yoga.  The warm class is a cooler version of the class.  Perfect for those a little unsure about practicing in the heat; baby steps.

(60- 75- and 90-minute classes)

Yoga Flow

 This series is a “vinyasa” class. We move through the postures in a constant rhythm making transitions with sun salutations. The workout is more cardiovascular, and combines upper body strength with flexibility. Designed for all skill levels but we highly recommend at least 10 hot yoga classes before joining a flow class. Because it moves faster, it can be frustrating trying to keep up and learn yoga at the same time. Come ready to sweat!    

(60-minute class)

Yin Yoga

 Long-held, deep postures supported by pillows, blankets and blocks allow for lengthening and stretching of the body’s connective tissue. According to Chinese medicine, our energy channels run deep within this tissue.  This is why yin can be more energizing than a traditional yoga class. This practice promotes such deep, intense stretching it helps prevent injuries.  That makes it the perfect practice for athletes as well as those just beginning a practice.

(60-minute class)