Kate Burns


 Kate found yoga after a running injury in 2003 and is grateful for it! Since then she’s completed two 200-hour training programs and a 500-hour program. She’s also taken a multitude of workshops with teachers well-known by many in the yoga community and those content to stay quietly in the background passionately sharing their knowledge and this gift. In 2006, Kate began studying Ayurveda, literally translated “the science of life” and the sister science of yoga. Much like traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda is an ancient, holistic approach to health. As a consultant, Kate makes lifestyle and food recommendations. As a yoga teacher, she infuses each class with seasonal postures to achieve balance according to Ayurvedic principles; yoga therapy. Kate’s mission is to help people of all backgrounds discover their best self believing it’s never too late to change or improve the course you’re on. Her classes both challenge and heal nudging you to find the guru within.  

Jennifer Harrington


  Jennifer took her first yoga class at Hot Yoga Studio more than a decade ago. She had no idea how much yoga would change and heal her life.  She received her 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) from Jimmy Barkan in Florida, her 500 RYT through Rolf Gates, and most recently, obtained her designation as a registered yoga therapist.  Her classes inspire and challenge her students to be the best they can be both on and off the mat. Her love of yoga extends to teaching courses at Tidewater Community College and she is honored to be an ambassador for Manduka mats and products as well as a guest model for Yoga Bela innerwear. Jennifer is grateful everyday to be able to guide students through their practices and considers teaching yoga a privilege. “For me, the most beautiful thing about my yoga practice is that no matter what is going on in my life, externally or internally, I always feel better when I step on my mat. I leave my mat a better person. Yoga is the best medicine.”  

Tiffany Mathews


 Tiffany took her first yoga class in 2002 while a student at Virginia Wesleyan College. Six years later, she rediscovered yoga while attempting to “get in shape’ and nurture herself. She fell in love with the practice and began a daily practice that led to teacher training in 2009. As Tiffany describes it, teacher training was a challenging, intense journey that made her dive deep into many areas of her life. She blossomed, discovering the profound connection – that we all have! – of body, mind, and spirit within and with each other. As with all fabulous teachers, she continues to train, take classes, and spend as much time on the mat as possible. Tiffany’s classes challenge while instilling peace in and out. In the words of one of her favorite teachers, Rolf Gates, “Our practice is a shelter we build for our spiritual selves. It is the work we do to safeguard and support the possibility of spiritual growth. The winds of life constantly wear away at this shelter, but if we stick to our tools, the shelter will hold.”  

Dee Keller


 Dee has been practicing yoga for years, long before it became mainstream and, for as long as she can remember, she’s been interested in natural health, staying green, and organics.  Just keeping up with her busy life, however, kept her from pursuing a career or even a deeper exporation.  Now, recommitted, Dee is living the life she always envisioned.  She has her 500 certification from Master Adam and continues to train with him.  She teaches at various locations and is a contributor for a 500-hour teacher training. Her classes are a slow flow where poses are held long enough to allow a deepening of the posture, the development of strength and balance, an exploration of the body, awareness of the breath, and focus and concentration of the mind.  “The body will gently and slowly unravel if you give it the time and space it needs to open and heal. Just come to the mat and listen."  

Alison McCarthy


 Alison first discovered yoga in her sophomore year of college in 2001. She enjoyed taking classes as a way of exercise and relaxation. She often thought about becoming a yoga instructor while in college but kept putting it off for various reasons. In 2011, after getting married and tragically losing a close friend in the span of two weeks, Alison turned to yoga as a way of coping with change and healing from loss. She began to study yoga from a philosophical standpoint and decided that she was ready to share this knowledge with others. In 2012, Alison became a 200-hour certified yoga instructor through Yax Yoga Concepts and has enjoyed teaching at various locations since then. 

Benjamin Wilkinson


 Ben was a longtime athlete and  student of martial arts. He loved the discipline and what the practice did for his physical health; he put his all into it.  Through competition, Ben found the biggest challenge in life to be himself.  That path blossomed into a wonderful yoga practice.  "Now I can experience the challenge and discipline but also cultivate a gentler spirit, a oneness. ” Ben completed a 200-hour teacher training at Hot Yoga Studio, a 500 at the Asheville Yoga Center, and is currently studying Raja Yoga under Master Adam Nguyen in Virginia Beach. His classes are definitely challenging but the goal is always to help students make better connections within themselves to they can share that strength and peace with others.

Brittany Nolder


 As a runner, hiker, work out queen and general fitness enthusiast, Brittany started practicing yoga at Hot Yoga Studio in 2013.  Her goal was simply to try something new.  She was instantly hooked!  Like many before her, it wan't only the physical benefits, but the quieting of the mind that pulled her in.   She started practicing sometimes 6 times a week and decided to take Hot Yoga Studio's  200- hour teacher certification course with Kate Burns.  After honing her skills at area gyms, Brittany became a Hot Yoga Studio instructor.  She loves sharing her knowledge and helping others find the joy of practice regardless of age, abilities, or experience.  Always a student,  Brittany recently started her journey in completing her 500- hour training at the Asheville Yoga Center.  

Emily Wilson


 Emily teaches and offers guidance from her more than ten years of practice, and eight years teaching to help transform lives through the lessons of yoga, meditation, and breath practice. Since completing her 200-hour yoga teacher training certification, she’s trained in the art of adjustments with Eddie Teboul, completed intensive training in ashtanga and pranayama with Beryl Bender Birch, and studied transcendental meditation with Philip Hosley. After a decade of practicing and teaching she still testifies to “love that there is always something new to practice. I am drawn to yoga for the benefits of finding presence on and off the mat, the rejuvenation from breath work, and the feeling after a great asana practice.”   

Cate Silberberg


  Many of us find ourselves on the path to yoga through personal trama sometimes physical and sometimes emotional.  Severe lower back pain from a needed surgery was Cate's impetus.  Expanding her search for healing led to an Ashtanga class.  That very first experience changed her life.  She went on to earn a 200 hour yoga teacher certification and now helps others find healing and strength through yoga practice.  Cate's classes emphasize  the synergy between physical and mental health with unique and creative mind/body sequences. Come join Cate in multi flow or restorative yin and unlock your personal potential and zest for a more joyful life!

Jeremy Wood



Jeremy Wood is a holistic minister practitioner, therapeutic yoga instructor and anatomy educator with over a decade of experience caring for, studying and teaching the human form. Having completed National Yoga Academy’s 500hr yoga teacher training, Give Back Yoga’s 100hr mindful yoga teacher training for those with anxiety, trauma and PTSD and a masters degree in human anatomy and physiology education from New York Chiropractic College, Jeremy has both breadth and depth when it comes to studying and sharing the human form.  Since leaving working and teaching in healthcare and western medicine Jeremy has taught locally in classes and teacher trainings and traveled the country to share the various ways to understand functional anatomy and recognize “dis-ease” in the human form. His classes, while challenging, nurture and heal.

Kim Forbes


Kim Forbes is a 200-hour experienced registered yoga teacher; meaning she's taught many classes!  Her classes are unique as she teaches yoga as a form of storytelling, mapping the body’s journey through this life. She interweaves humorous anecdotes in her vigorous flows and calming metaphors in her Yin practice in an effort to help students stay present. She came to this idea after countless readings of children stories while homeschooling her two children throughout their elementary years  With both kids off to high school, Kim now has the luxury of time to advance her own practice and share her discoveries and incite with her students.  When not on her mat, Kim spends her free time crocheting and playing with her new dog, Murphy. 

Kathleen "Kat" Hoff


Kathleeen, "Kat" to her friends, visited and revisited yoga for years. In the midst of mourning the loss of her father, she finally fell hard into yoga's warm embrace, and, surprise, it transformed her life! After the intensity of bodybuilding, powerlifting, running, crossfit, and falling into a career firefighting, yoga is a haven.  Kat is a full time firefighter and paramedic.  She teaches yoga in her free time, but she spreads her love of yoga to everyone she meets! She practices daily, even at the fire station!  Committed to health, Kat was a personal trainer and a massage therapist in the past and draws on this knowledge to teach her classes.  Now that she's added certified yoga teacher to her  qualifications and talents, she looks forward to being a lifelong student as well as teacher.