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The Practice

Class Descriptions(Pricing follows descriptions)

Yoga is a system of self-improvement and spiritual growth that developed in India over 2,000 years ago. There are many branches of yoga. Hatha is the most widely known. Yoga means “union” implying a connection and harmony of body, mind and spirit. Developing this harmony is what a yoga “practice” is all about. It’s very easy to learn but the practice is often a lifelong journey.  At Virginia Beach Hot Yoga Studio, we offer the following classes. Click the “schedule” tab for the complete schedule.


Drop In                                                                                      $18

10 Class (expires in 3 months)                                             $160

15 Class (expires in 6 months)                                             $225

30 Class (Expires in 1 year)                                                   $420

1 Month Unlimited                                                                  $150

Annual Unlimited Auto Debit (per month rate)                     $89

NEW … 52 classes for  … $50 per month with  annual … $13 per class!

        *Discounts available for military and students